Design & Production Process

Often, new clients are unsure of how the design, quote, and execution process works. We believe in clear and open communication, and are sharing our general process for quoting and providing services. We also believe in no-pressure sales techniques, and are happy to work with you to find the right fit for your event.

Planning stage (3-6 months to 1 year prior to Event date)

  1. Initial Contact: We will speak with you via phone and email to check dates and availability.
  2. NDA: If applicable to your event, we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements at this time.
  3. Initial Meeting: We like to meet with you at least once prior to issuing a quote to record details about the project.
  4. Site Visit: If possible, combining the initial meeting with a site visit is usually valuable for all parties. This may be less necessary at this stage if we have worked on your site previously.
  5. Official Quote: We issue you a written, no-obligation quote for all services to be rendered. Depending on the event, a basic CAD layout will accompany the quote.
  6. Contract: Once you approve the quote, we issue a contract for services with all details, including equipment, staff, day-of schedule, and payment schedule & terms.
  7. Planning Meetings: We may schedule additional production meetings to plan the event in more detail.

Execution Stage (Week of Event through Day of Event)

  1. Virtual Deliverables: We will work with you to deliver / receive and test media, PowerPoint presentations, etc, prior to arrival on-site.
  2. Load-In: We arrive at your site, and load-in/set-up according to the contracted schedule.
  3. Final Check-ins: We will stay in contact to give/receive updates from key personnel leading up to day-of-event.
  4. Day-of-Event: We are available on-site according to the contracted schedule, with staff members as specified, to execute the event.
  5. Load-Out: At conclusion of event (once the final participants / attendees / audience members have exited the building, and not prior to the last attendee leaving the building), and per contract schedule, we will load-out our equipment using our staff.

Post-Production Stage (Week to Month after Event)

  1. Final Deliverables: We will deliver any recordings or documentation required by the contract based on contractual schedule, according to contracted delivery method (generally via Internet dropbox).
  2. Post-Mortem Analysis: Often, for large events, clients appreciate a final meeting to talk through what went well, and what could be improved for future events. These are also an opportunity to make notes for future projects, or start planning ahead in the case of recurring events.
  3. Final Feedback: We do appreciate any input from clients, even if there is no post-mortem meeting.

If you would like to speak with us about your next event, please reach out via email at the link below. We are very responsive to email and would be happy to hear from you!

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